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since company established yilai, insisted to courage to develop, and innovation, and experience rich, and hard Ken dry of technology backbone participation company led core, business and the service management Shang constantly summary, focused on employees quality and the professional technicians of training, through study, and learning and reference both at home and abroad as Japan, and Singapore, and Hong Kong, and Shenzhen in environmental, and clean industry of related technology, and experience, and Yu this city peer of widely Exchange, made and accumulated has building and the various buildings clean, and maintenance of actual experience. Performance of the company has also made satisfactory development, and gradually form a high-rise, difficult building fa├žade cleaning, painting works for my company based on Tianjin's strengths.

"first-class cities, first-rate amenity", with the overall improvement of the environmental quality of Tianjin City, the rapid development of urban construction, building cleaning industry demand for the development of Tianjin anjie cleaning must be "sincere service, customer satisfaction, striving for excellence" entrepreneurial spirit, to clean up the city, and beautification of the environment, Tianjin metropolis, creating a better future.