Air control not only PM2.5

On March 5, Premier Wen Jiabao in his Government work report, mentioned for the first time this year in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key regional and municipality and capital city of PM2.5 monitoring, 9th, Jiangsu province's air pollution prevention and control meeting held, emission, PM2.5 monitoring, 13 data release schedule. In the CPPCC meeting, deputies from around the province share the aim of "PM2.5", and "monitoring and disclosure of PM2.5 is not an end, how governance is the direction for future efforts. "&Nbsp;

     increasing urban green," pull away "PM2.5

     according to provincial Government of deployment, province within the city intends points three step go: first step, March end of in province environmental Office website Shang unified announced the city existing 17 a (Nanjing 3 a, and Suzhou 3 a, and other city the 1 a) has has monitoring capacity points bit of real-time data; second step, October began announced 17 a points bit of AQI (environment air quality index) evaluation results; third step, Fully completed by the end of the reconstruction of city-68 State-controlled automatic air monitoring stations, timely publication of results.

     "monitor and publicize PM2.5 is not an end, and how governance is the direction for future efforts. "The national people's Congress, President of Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications Yang said, and respirable particulate matter pollution in the atmosphere change the deteriorating situation is the direction for future efforts.

    , Yang suggested that the increased greening, absorb the dust in the air. Trees, hedges and green tree, shrub, grass blades are respirable particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 attachment of the more harmful, urban greening is an important means of controlling air pollution. Specifically, he suggested that the Government enact strict legislation to realize the "missing days". Mainly covering method, see bare soil is not allowed. Street trees, hedges, gardens of the road tree, shrub, flower bed, flower pool of soil, provides covered can water and fertilizer and prevent weed growth of 4-inch-thick pieces of wood or other effective cover with a certain thickness; according to different situations, also called grass carpet, stone, cloth to cover the bare land or laying turf. Construction of all kinds of dust, roof railing and provisions will need to be closed.

     cleanup "gullies", let the dust away

     in addition to urban greening, Yang also noticed a small drain. He believed that urban drainage gullies blocked is an important cause of road dust. Speed except row precipitation of rain, but also undertake the flushing roads in mud puddles. But we of rain mouth often are product full garbage, and serious jam and drainage not Chang, plus road uneven, and potholes water poly mud and artificial sweep Yang dust, or sweep Shi also often put garbage sweep into rain mouth; Street small shops, and catering, and personal and illegal sewage units to sewer dumping sewage, and garbage, and debris,, makes road Shang of TSP, particles real easily into sank sand pool. Particles on the wheel on the pavement under repeated grinding and rolling more and more detailed, road dust pollution cannot be solved.

     to that end, he suggested the road code for construction and acceptance of water supply and drainage, the maintenance of urban drainage pipeline safety technical regulations for rain modification and clean up (check) relevant requirements and regulations.

     strengthening the work of monitoring air pollution and health

     We focus on PM2.5, is because it can reach the lungs, impacts on human health are long-term, chronic, causing more wide range of hazards. To this end, Yang suggested that all levels of Government was concerned about the health hazards of air pollution, urban air pollution and health monitoring network in the province, especially in high pollution and high risk, toxic chemical, chemical enterprise, to strengthen the monitoring of air pollution and health, guarantees the quality of living environment.

     personal health and safety is pollution do? Miao Yi, Director of the national people's Congress, provincial people's hospital surgery representatives proposed that to build up the environmental public interest litigation mechanism to give people eligible to be the subject of prosecution of environmental crimes. "At the moment, because of the litigation subject qualification threshold higher, environmental public interest litigation that really happens rarely, some local courts are also useless. If the ordinary civil litigation subject qualification, about pollution behavior should be a powerful clamp. ”