Cleaning printing presses are important

Printing industry is the mainstay of the world of offset printing, offset printing ink through the rollers, blanket, transferred to the substrate, rollers, blankets are durable goods, in order to guarantee their normal work, regular cleaning and maintenance is very important, this consists of 3 types of cleaning:

printing routine cleaning at the end of each day;

change ink color change before cleaning;

thorough and maintenance cleaning on a regular basis.

so, printing ink cleaning business is a very important piece of work, plus the ink cleaner is a great deal of printing supplies, according to the management, printing enterprises should attach great importance to procurement and selection of ink cleaner, but the current situation is, a large number of printing companies partly or completely using gasoline, kerosene is used as ink cleaner.

survey: even in the printing industry is relatively developed in Beijing, almost none of the printing company is completely abolished with gasoline, kerosene, cleaning the printer.