Detergent is not free to mix carefully a fatal

Because spirit toilet and 84 disinfectant mix, Wenzhou guy risks dying of poisoning (see disinfectant toilet bowl mixed with a guy cleaning the toilet risks died of poisoning), guy is poisoning due to sodium hypochlorite and acid reaction to produce chlorine, chlorine is a toxic gas. Yesterday, many people call this hotline 968111 asks, what are the cleaning products can't be mixed? how to tell?  

     later, reporters visited several supermarkets in Fuzhou found that many detergents do not indicate the composition, professionals say, regular detergent is divided into acid-base class, you cannot mix. Meanwhile, professionals are reminded, there are plenty of supplies should not mix material.

     two types of detergents cannot be used

     hualin road reporter visited the nearby supermarket, second only to "the mighty" individual brands, such as detergent, but put most of the detergent on the shelf does not indicate acidity and alkalinity, some brands don't even have ingredients on the package label, let alone indicates detergents precautions for use and other information.

     senior high school chemistry teacher who introduced in Fuzhou, we normally use of detergent from a chemical perspective, can be divided into two broad categories. A cleaning agent is hydrochloric acid as the main ingredient of acid detergent, main cleaning, decontamination, such as kitchen detergent, deodorant, pipe cleaning agent. Another kind of detergent is sodium hypochlorite as the main component of detergents containing chlorine, and mainly used for sterilization, disinfection, such as ling, disinfectant, bleach, wash.

     due to the two different types of detergent ingredients, nature, once used, is likely to produce poisonous chlorine gas, poisoning from happening. Now, however, many detergents are not marked components, even if marked, it is not clear for all.

     the teacher suggested, detergents such chemicals of liquid solutions respond once, produce toxic gases, the consequences would be very serious. In order to prevent the recurrence of similar poisoning occurred, asked people to try not to use two or more detergent. If a detergent doesn't clean, use a different detergent before, be sure to rinse a cleaning agent before, cannot be mixed together.

     stainless steel pot improper washing can also cause heavy metal poisoning

     yesterday, reporters on Twitter or see, many netizens for the detergent mix poisoning, also shared some tips about the detergent used. For example, user "Chen storytelling" said stainless steel cookware, tableware should also pay attention to using the right detergent, should not use strong alkaline and oxidizing of detergent, acid alkaline foods cannot be used for long term storage, and so on. Professionals agreed, and made a scientific explanation.

     the chemistry teacher Central high in Fuzhou said, cleaning stainless steel cookware and tableware should not use alkaline oxidation and strong detergents because these detergent use will react with stainless steel, destroy the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel surface layer. Not only affect the appearance of stainless steel flatware, stainless steel rust is also easy, and adverse to human health. Stainless steel cookware and utensils cannot be used for long term storage of acid alkaline food: leftover food out in a timely manner, if these foods are stored for a long time, which may relate to stainless steel in electrolyte containing trace metals in reaction, producing harmful toxic substances, harmful to human health.

     in addition, try not to use stainless steel products through traditional Chinese medicine. In an environment of high temperature acid constituents in traditional Chinese medicines will react with trace metals in stainless steel, who after taking this medicine, are likely to cause adverse health effects.

     "many daily necessities once misuse may cause unintended harm, like stainless steel, it contains trace amounts of heavy metal itself is harmless to the human body, but if used improperly, containing trace metals may be dissolved in a liquid, and then react with acid and alkaline substances, it will harm the health of the human body.

"the teacher recalled that life often supplies a mixture of carefully.

     "for example, iodine, mercurochrome and are all common skin disinfectant drugs, but also many medium and small medicine cabinet regular. Recent studies have found that iodine, mercurochrome and do not mix. ”

     the teacher explained that this was because of mercurochrome red bromide mercury and iodine in iodine met easily undergo chemical changes and produce mercury iodide. Mercury iodide is a highly toxic substance, it will have a strong stimulating effect on the skin and other organs, which can cause skin damage and ulcer. Mercury iodide enters the human body, can also cause inflammation of the gums, severe heart failure. So the wound can simultaneously use both drugs.