Eight main symptoms of indoor decoration pollution

You and your family life is in a safe situation and health • indoor environment detection and treatment experts with years of practice, sums out of the 8 main manifestations of indoor environment pollution damage, ask everybody to judge for themselves. &Nbsp;

     a, up syndrome

    : wake up choking, nausea and dizzy.


     a project there are two owners reflects the room stinks, and there was a feeling of dizziness, nausea, can't close the Windows during the day, such as off to sleep at night, up your nose and mouth in the morning is very hard. Then have examined the relevant room and found ammonia concentrations in the air of the room above the national reference standards issued by the Environmental Protection Department, one of the highest household ammonia in indoor air levels exceed public health standards set by the State more than 20 times.

     second, the tachycardia syndrome

    : buy new furniture home after the smell, made it difficult for people to accept, and lead to physical illness.


     Lee ordered a fabric sofa, sofa surface found no quality problems, result in the room will not be long, he found that the couch gives off a terrible smell. Since then, Lee entered the room feel difficulty in breathing, gasping breath, even sleep at night are arousal, down her tachycardia problems the other day, a minute to jump more than 100 more, surprise is that a heartbeat to the hospital fell to 80. Indoor environment Test Center home the air quality test and found sofa foam bonding agent, of volatile benzene content exceeding national standards of 8.3 times.

     c syndrome, class smokers

     symptoms: not smoking, and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, but often feel his throat uncomfortable, foreign body sensation, breathing disorders.


     Chen company decoration, after completion of stay, felt Interior pungent, sore throat cough, caused by hot eyes tears, uninhabitable. And Mr Chen pharyngeal disease aggravated, he invited the indoor environment testing unit to test their residence, the result is the formaldehyde content in the bedroom as much as 1.56 mg per cubic metre, exceeded the national standard 15.6 times.

     four, child syndrome

     symptoms: child often coughs, sneezes, decreased immunity, newly renovated house children don't want to go home.


     after she finished, 3-year old son started to sick, beginning with pharyngitis, chronic asthma, gradually decreased immunity, weakened body resistance, body fat children, half a year, small round, cause to the hospital many times inspection has not identified. Through field sampling and laboratory analysis, experts found that Ms Wu in the decoration of the room after 10 months of indoor formaldehyde per cubic meter of air at 0.36 mg, exceed the national standard 3 times more than doubled.

    , family of five mass syndrome

     symptoms: there were a family disease, and out of the environment, the symptoms have significantly changed and improved.


     Liu when staying at the new House, the family per capita does not feel. Mr Liu original allergic rhinitis, after moving in a more serious and his son in the hospital diagnosed with pharyngitis, allergic family often.

indoor air quality indoor environmental testing sectors after testing revealed excessive formaldehyde and ammonia in indoor air, ammonia residential area the highest more than 14.2 times times, average exceeded 9.36 times times highest formaldehyde exceeded the national standard 1.5 times, exceeding on average 1.05 times.

     six, infertility syndrome

     symptoms: couples unable to conceive for a long time, and without cause.


     a youth had been infertile married his wife, the doctor said may be due to excessive radiation. His Office and toilets are called cuckoo green granite, tested, cuckoo green indoor stone far exceed the State standards and the radiation is very uneven, radioactive level is quite high.

     seven, plants wilt syndrome

    : move new or newly renovated, houseplant survival, prone to yellowing, withered the leaves, especially some vitality strongest plant are difficult to grow.


     on Monday, a high-end office workers rushed into the newly renovated office, weekend work also flourishing plants all withered leaves. After testing, indoor air in 5 projects, there are 3 projects did not comply with the relevant national standards, where formaldehyde exceeded the national standard 8 times.

     BA, pet death syndrome


     new after moving, domestic cats, dogs and even a tropical fish inexplicably died, after tests found that indoor radon concentration is particularly high.