Induce vomiting is wrongly cleaner best self-help method

Ms Wang from Anhui Province, and Hangzhou 3 years working in a hotel cleaning staff. Wang usually diligent and work hard, boss, soon rose in charge.

     that day, Wang worked on the thirsty, ran to the staff room for water to drink, there is a bottle on the window sill, "soda", took up drinking. Big mouth and drank a half bottle, Wang realized that this water is wrong, the smell is pungent, from the throat to the stomach and a scorching, suffered too much. Her look is incredibly clean toilet with toilet properly. Hotel toilet in spirit is bottled, usually for convenience, workers like filling in a small bottle. Ms Wang did not think, she drinks "soda" is the toilet properly. Wang immediately rinse with tap water, colleagues rushed her to a hospital in nearby gastric lavage.

     washed stomach, everyone felt relieved, Wang also think that there should be no problem. Did not expect is that this is just the beginning. After two or three days, Ms Wang's illness and, later, she had anything to eat, what to eat, not even water to drink.

     Wang's husband took her to a Red Cross Hospital of Hangzhou City Gastroenterology.

     the stomach was reduced to a filled stomach

     see this Ms WONG, Red Cross Hospital Gastroenterology Chen Jianyong, Director immediately realized the severity of it. Based on his experience, under normal circumstances, swallowed detergents are the first victims of the esophagus after parts. So, Chen immediately gave Wang a endoscopy, found Ms Wang's completely erode the esophagus Mucosa, serious scar contraction, which Wang became very fine in the lower part of the esophagus, and even the gastroscope tube chime in. Because of Wang's digestive tract severe edema and congestion, no further treatment. To that end, it was decided that a positive repercussion, such as treatment for Wang and Wang body nutritional supplements, waiting for the best treatment--when the time is ripe, immediately do esophageal dilatation for Wang, solve the problems she was unable to eat.

     three months later, Ms Wang edema of the esophagus has been greatly improved. Digestive medicine intended for further treatment for her, however, the result of gastroscopy took everyone by surprise. Wang not only the proliferation of severe scarring of the esophagus, is more serious, she has severe scarring of all stomach, almost hollow stomach had shrunk into a solid stomach!

     such a serious burn, Red Cross Hospital Gastroenterology but also met for the first time. Even more distressing is that once this happens, it is irreversible. Now, another conservative esophageal dilation on Ms Wang has not much significance. Such a serious obstruction at any time threaten the lives of Ms Wang.

     after consultation, we decided to abandon the conservative surgical treatment for Wang.

     the entire stomach is removed

     small intestine instead of the stomach and esophagus

     Wang was soon transferred to the Red Cross Hospital of thoracic surgery, successful Director after checking to make sure the surgery: Wang a total gastrectomy with excision of part of esophagus, intestines and esophagus by Ms WONG. In other words, after Ms Wang used only small intestine instead of the stomach and esophagus, which was more than 30 years old Ms Wang, is a huge blow. Results although cruel, but at the moment this is the only way.

     to raise treatment costs, Wang's husband sold the old House, said that in any case he must cure for his wife.

     before the surgery, Xu Director leads team to make the most careful surgical preparation, prevention may occur during operation.

cut Wang's abdominal cavity, only Wang's entire stomach is reduced to a very small, almost all solid, so severe scarring of Lian-Xu, Director of the stomach is also seen for the first time. Because swallowed detergent and stomach injury he had seen many, but this is the first time I ever saw! Surgery went well, but Wang after resection of stomach is, and can only eat small meals.


     best self-help method Emetic is swallowed clean agent

     half a bottle of cleaner broke, why have such serious consequences? In this regard, the medical director Chen said various cleaning effect is getting better, more and more strong corrosive, young simply cannot afford this kind of strong acid or strong base of digestive tract irritation. Case Director Chen swallowed detergent come into contact with many, in this regard, he said in particular, very few examples of children wrongly. Once swallowed, the consequences will be serious, serious injuries or even irreversible, and many cases could not be recovered.

     Director Chen reminded everyone, try not to drink bottles of liquid filling cannot be taken, if you want to use, be sure to tear up the original label on the beverage bottle and stick on names for the new filling liquids and stay at home with children is not easy to get a hiding place before they lead to disaster.

     dehydrant, first time saving is very important. Chen said that wrongly entered a few minutes before the most crucial of the alimentary tract, and themselves than to the hospital more quickly, as long as properly, the effect is very good. If swallowed, immediately drink plenty of water and induce vomiting, drink, spits, repeated countless times, cleaning to minimize damage to the digestive tract. Later sent to hospital for medical treatment.