Laundry dry cleaning and take three attention

Now is the season when, every household in dealing with seasonal clothing, coats, suits and other clothes to the dry cleaner, saving time and effort. But because of the dry cleaners service quality varies greatly, many dry cleaning of clothing appears damaged, stained, chromatic aberration problems. To do this, to remind consumers of the business sector to the dry cleaners dry cleaning should note the following points:  

     is doing research. Before taking clothes to the dry cleaner, consumers must first dry cleaners do a simple survey of the neighbourhood. Can be directly associated to the dry cleaning shop discovery service content, service prices, the washing symbols and notes and business license, tax registration, health permits, essential information such as opening hours, telephone, confirmed its regular laundry just take clothes to the dry cleaner.

     second is required. Cleaned all high-end clothing, requires special attention. Clothing sent to dry cleaning Qian, consumers to on by sent clothing seriously check, by operators confirmed Hou, requirements operators in service documents Shang clear indicate clothing of fabric, and color and the damaged, and faded degree, content, to future query; value 1000 Yuan and the above of clothing can requirements hedge fine wash, signed Xia hedge fine wash written agreed, and in laundry voucher Shang indicate hedge amount; skin grass like of clothing for its particularity, dyed process requirements high, consumers can directly requirements has made "laundry Division" Vocational qualifications staff for its service.

     third, Bill. Consumers need to ask operators for laundry ticket and carefully examined the Bill is consistent with the actual situation and keep a good pickup. In addition, consumers are best to keep buying clothes vouchers, once dry cleaning problems, compensation may have a reference number.