Living room cleaning

Home cleaning has always been women's "difficult" face relentless addition of stains really headache. Each family living room is "spokesperson", whether serving guests, still friends and family visiting, living room is the place where important. Living health corner how to clear the effortless way? &Nbsp;

    1, rigid wall surface clean

     cleaning and maintenance daily wipe surfaces from dust, spray wax, water cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. The wax clean effects and form transparent protective film on the surface, more convenient for daily cleaning.

    2, rattan furniture cleaning

     rattan difficult cleanup is known for, in particular, dust in the gap, a headache. You can wipe clean with a light salt water, decontamination and safeguarding against, anti-moth, and making it flexible and lasting. If it is a primary color rattan furniture, you can clean and dry, and then polished with sandpaper vines, to smooth the skin decontamination and recovery, and then finish the protection, this is good ways to renovate. Note do not use a cleaning solvent to clean, because it will damage the vine surface sheen.

    3, metal furniture

     clean metal furniture, use a dry cloth wipe a little engine oil, wax, vegetable oil can also be used rust. Note always check the folding metal furniture, connection parts, and rubber feet, such as rupture of cracks, corrosion, delamination, Parallels, it should be fixed immediately. In addition to the regular cleaning of stainless steel furniture, a must on the stainless steel surface with a layer of wax, often wipes Polish, keep fresh, extended service life.

    4, to remove the watermark on the painted surface

     let wet Cup paint often leaves a watermark on the table, how to quickly get rid of them? You can spread a clean wet cloth on the desktop watermark, and with an iron on it at a lower temperature for ironing, so that you can make into film moisture evaporates, so that the watermark disappears. When you use this method, the rag is not too thin, the temperature of the iron is not set too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but the mark will no longer remove away.

    5, white chairs, white desktop cleaning method

     white desktop, white chairs in the House is easy to get dirty, and not easy to wipe off the dirt with a rag. Try using toothpaste on a clean rag, wipe the white furniture, simply wipe the oil will be removed. Because toothpaste contains abrasive powders has strong cleansing effect. But be careful, when you do not force too much, otherwise it will damage the paint film and counterproductive.

    6, leather sofa cleaning

     use alcohol scrub. Avoid placing in direct sunlight and moisture. When oil or cream, dry with a dry cloth, then use shampoo to scrub, then scrub clean with water. Ball-point pen when, as soon as possible with an eraser, erase. If any grease or dirt, scrub with SOAP and water, then scrub clean with water. Stained with beer, sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), substances such as coffee, scrubbed with SOAP and water, and then wash with water.

     considerations for cleaning

    1, avoid using coarse cloth or old clothes you no longer wear rags, preferably with towels, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth, absorbent cloth to wipe the furniture. Denim, cable head cloth or stitching, buttons can cause surface scratching of furniture such as old clothes, you should avoid using.

    2, do not use a dry cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust, dust is made up of fibers, and silica sand, a lot of people used to wipe clean with a dry cloth to clean the surface of furniture. These fine particles on friction rub, has damage furniture finish. Although these little scratches, even the naked eye cannot see, but as time passes, would lead to furniture surfaces dark and rough, light no longer.

    3, do not use SOAP, detergent or rinse furniture, SOAP, detergent and other cleaning product not only cannot effectively remove the accumulated dust on the furniture surface, silica sand particles cannot be removed before Polish, but also because they are corrosive and can damage furniture surfaces, furniture paint becomes bleak.

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