Medical equipment sterilization of medical waste disposal to strengthen

In the hospital after the injection, infusion tube do? Check equipment enters the body, is how to disinfect? Once again there is no security risk when used? &Nbsp;

    3 9th, autonomous region and Nanning joint health authority law enforcement, Nanning of disinfection quality in medical institutions management and checks the conditions of medical waste disposal. Law enforcement officials found that individual medical institutions in terms of waste disposal and disinfection of medical devices needs to be strengthened.

     medical equipment sterilization


     instrument disinfection achieving "hard"

     yesterday, led by hospital staff, and journalists with the sanitary supervision personnel entered the forth people's Hospital sterilization Center in Nanning, through the glass wall, the reporters saw one in sterile suits medical staff of aseptic room busy.

     reported that medical supplies after the cleaning is completed, the medical staff will be packing medical supplies. Although medical devices is carried out in an environment of highly antibacterial cleaning, but it still needs final sanitation inspection certificate.

     reporters saw medical staff wrapped up, a chemical indicator bar will be affixed on the packaging, and the other a chemical indicative cards into the bag. And then autoclave sterilization of medical kits, and ultimately to send medical kits to aseptic transfer window, waiting for access. Medical personnel in medical kits before using, check the indicator and indicator only when the indicator bar appears on the black bars indicating the black card, through a two-fold test, achieved the "hard" to prove the medical kits to meet health standards.

     cleaning and disinfection in the first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical College Station, section hospital infection control Director Lee said, the workstation and sterilization of medical devices, is to enter the human body, therefore very meticulous cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning initial cleaning of the surface dirt, and then to use washing appliances appliance within the deep cleaning inside cleaning of, also subjected to enzyme lotion after cleaning, wash, Immersion disinfection, rinse thoroughly, and dry it several steps, can give their patients use, total of 7 processes.


     private hospital system is not perfect

     "the special inspection will address consumer concerns medical injection safety, passenger safety, disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments to carry out supervision and inspection, especially for disinfection in medical institutions in the supply room, cleaning and disinfection of rooms, outpatient injection room infusion room, a stream of key departments to be checked. "State health authority officials said March 5-March 8, joint law enforcement group has more than more than 10 in Nanning city of public and private medical institutions to conduct supervision and inspection on site.

     in check in the found, most medical institutions can by requirements established and implementation disinfection products purchase check acceptance system, various injection, and puncture, and blood with apparatus are for one-time using, using Hou by medical waste for disposal; large State-owned medical institutions strictly by requirements set within mirror cleaning disinfection room, and disinfection supply room, related staff strictly implementation disinfection sterilization operation; private medical institutions of medical devices as people surgery package, and Surgical Pack such items to obtain the relevant qualification of the uniform sterilization in medical institutions, family planning operating room personnel to obtain the appropriate credentials.

     check also found that some private purchase of disinfection quality in medical institutions not established products inspection and acceptance system, copies of related documents is not complete, open does not indicate the start date and time of the disinfectant and so on. Violations found in the inspections, relevant departments will be strictly investigated and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

     of medical waste disposal


     separate collection of hazardous medical waste

     medical wastes are hazardous wastes, which contain large amounts of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances, as well as more chemical poisons.

Management negligence, improper disposal of clinical waste, will not only pollute the environment, can also cause infectious disease pandemic, directly endanger people's health.

     day, a reporter in the first affiliated hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Guangxi, using two colors of trash bags of medical waste collection, black trash bags were installed garbage, yellow garbage bag collection of used items such as needles, cotton swabs, collected and placed in special registers.

     Li, Director of infection control section in hospital told reporters that the hospital medical waste were collected, with trans-shipment special bucket collection, controlling leaks. With that, also took a collection and sent the registration form, "hospital medical waste are regularly transmitted to the Centre for medical waste disposal in Nanning city, hospital to clear the transition at a time of record registration. ”


     staging point set is not standard in some hospitals

     "this check to check whether medical and health institutions to establish and improve accountability of medical waste management; whether the units engaged in medical waste collection, transportation, storage, disposal and management personnel, training in the knowledge of medical waste disposal. "State health authority official said, March 5 to March 8, joint law enforcement teams to Guangxi College of traditional Chinese medicine the first affiliated hospital of Wang Zhou hospital more than more than 10 in Nanning, Nanning city's public and private medical institutions to conduct supervision and inspection on site. Found in the inspection, most medical institutions of medical waste collection, transport and temporary storage to meet the requirements and found no illegal trading, in existence in non-medical waste storage sites dumped, piled up medical waste or medical waste mixed with other wastes and garbage violations. But check also found that medical wastes in medical institutions still staging point set is not standard, no labels, no medical waste disinfection of staging, transit, and failing to organize physical examination for personnel engaged in medical waste disposal and other issues.

     problems, health inspectors issued submission of health inspection, rectification of Hong Kong requirements.