NPE content such as adidas and Nike after washing contaminated environment

22nd is world water day. Greenpeace recently released report, adidas, Nike, Li Ning, H&M and well-known apparel products such as CK on residues of toxic and harmful substances, in the washing process that pumps out, will discharge water into rivers, lakes and oceans, would do great damage to the health of the body. &Nbsp;

     brands of pollution chains

     exactly how consumers "by" brand pollution chain "accomplices"? Pollution prevention project director Li Yifang said Greenpeace, which remains in the clothing of poisonous and harmful substance called Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, initials NPE, they are used in clothing manufacturing and emissions to the apparel producers rivers, pollution to the local environment.

     LEE: in 2010, we went to testing of wild fish in the Yangtze River, the fish that we eat, found the same environmental hormones in fish. So, clearly, this shows the chain of toxic and harmful substances. It is not only in the food we eat, on our side of the River, in our clothes, in the production process are also released into the river.

     in the latest report, researchers including adidas, Nike, Li Ning, Puma, youngor (600177 unit), H&M and 14 samples, well-known brands such as CK detection the washing effect. Li Yifang introduces their testing process.

     LI: this time we release a new report is to simulate the process of laundry at home, following the discovery of washing clothes, these toxic substances as the wash water discharged into our side of the river.

     consumers into the pollution of "accomplice"

     pollution and Greenpeace said the Project Director, is discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans of these toxic substances NPE will be transformed into more toxic, chemicals that interfere with the endocrine system NP (Nonylphenol). NP is recognized around the world for environmental hormones. Research shows that even very low concentrations of this substance emission, extremely virulent.

     Kai: it is persistent and bioaccumulative. That is, once it is released into the environment, it will exist in the environment for a long time, and it can enter the food chain, and step by step zoom through the food chain. Meanwhile, it also has an analog effect of estrogen, so after it once it enters the body, it will affect the normal reproductive and developmental biology, can lead to a reduction in human sperm counts in men.

     Li Yifang said studies have shown that in textiles, which contains remnants of NPE are clean, most only a few can be eliminated. However, the well-known clothing brands to directly to the public release of these toxic and harmful substances in the water, consumers in the Ng had no knowledge of cases of environmental pollution "accomplices".

     LI: this time we want to prove is that, by consumers and they didn't know, they bought these brands of clothes, very normal washing at home, in the process, we are "being cause pollution became an" accomplice ". We are the factory outlet out of environmental hormones, these harmful substances into our side of the river.

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