Plastic bags--sources of municipal solid waste

As a packaging, plastic bags, with a light weight, low cost, easy to use and so on, so at farmers markets, stores, hospitals, fruit, beach and so on many occasions has been widely used, consumption is enormous. These thin plastic bags are generally one-time use, waste after no one recycled, a major part of urban waste, but encountered high winds, these thin plastic bags flying, drifting with the wind, hanging on the branches or downed power lines, serious eyesore and pollute the environment.

plastic bag pollution

1, plastic bags of raw materials polymers and its stable structure is not easy to be the natural microbial degradation, is not degradable plastic bags of natural decay needs more than 200 years. Recycling of waste plastic bags, if not, mix in the land, caused soil compaction, effect of crop nutrients and moisture, resulting in crop production.

2, abandoned on land and water waste in plastic bags will be swallowed by animals and fish as food, animal and fish mortality or affect its growth.  

3, serious pollution and environmental hygiene, increase the workload of the sanitation workers. Windy weather every day, plastic bags blowing all over the dance, some hanging on the trees, some hanging on the wire, clear the time-consuming and dangerous. If it is free to burn, emit toxic gases, air pollution, affecting people's health.  

4, consumption of nonrenewable energy resources is enormous. It is understood that China's annual consumption of plastic bags about 1.6 million tons of plastic, total annual production of plastic bags consumed more than 4.8 million tons of oil, excessive use of plastic bags for our energy resources and environment have a noticeable negative influence and pressure. At present, the international oil prices continue to climb, will promote China's agricultural and industrial production costs and prices, Shanghai, this extremely prejudicial to country and livelihood.  

5, a serious hazard to human health. Constitute the main component of plastic polyvinyl chloride monomer is absorbed can damage the human nervous system, liver and kidneys; plastic when burned, release smoke containing large amounts of cancer-causing compounds.