Pressure washer options

1. depending on usage may be:  

     the pressure washer can be divided into household and professional use both. If you are using the washing machine's time less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy household cleaners. Prices are relatively cheaper, lighter, simple materials and heat-labile. If you are using more than 100 hours of time, consider a professional high pressure cleaner, large size, made of copper alloy pump head, durable materials such as stainless steel valves, price, of course, on your lot. So, how to choose, depending on customers ' requirements.

    2. depending on the hot and cold water depending on the needs:

     high pressure cleaner as the occasion requires, can also be divided into hot and cold water. Most of cold water on the market, to tap into the water at room temperature can be used but some business premises need to be rinsed with hot water, then must make a special purchase-hot water pressure washer, if the venture with cold water into hot water, internal parts including pump will quickly damage the candle.

    3. also selected nozzle:

     caused by the different nozzle cleaning effect is different. Such as round jet nozzle can increase cleaning efficiency, fan-shaped nozzle swivel nozzle low pressure spray (spray SOAP and water) and high pressure fan Jet, low pressure low pressure flow gently brush head can spew. Nozzles can offer, some you will have to purchase, to reference needs a good selection at time of purchase then.

    4. Select merchant

     washing machine has many brands on the market, importing 1-2 times more expensive than domestic, even more so, to choose according to their actual needs and budget. Usually imported equipment, new technology, its durability and efficiency are made of has certain advantages, but its prices are much higher, higher maintenance costs than domestic equipment 2-3. Selected using the brand should also pay attention to the business. Domestic of high pressure cleaning almost no manufacturers direct of, especially imports products, are is select dealer cooperation form, General a area only a legal of official dealer, select Shi must to select has qualification of dealer, to to guarantee after-sales service, because clean equipment like car, three points maintenance seven points conservation, if covet moment cheap through non-formal way purchase, future maintenance and conservation will produced is big of trouble, is may because a small parts of loss caused tens of thousands of Yuan of equipment cannot using.