Procter and Gamble white questioned the Jiangsu Association result: decontamination standards

A few days ago, Jiangsu Province Council official website to publish the results of comparative test of washing materials. Guangzhou Procter and the production of professional detergent Persil elegant jasmine, tide effect of bright white 360 degree clean laundry detergent, super clean Shanghai and planed white cat cold water detergent and detergency, JB-03 did not meet national standards. &Nbsp;

     at present, quality supervision departments in Guangzhou Procter has been launching an investigation procedure, inspection results will be announced soon.

     and yellow cat: no compliance results without legal basis

    3 9th, Shanghai and planed website said in a statement, white cat cold water speed clean detergent in full compliance with national standards, qualified product. Active ingredients of 21% (national standard detergent for 15%), at a fairly high level of similar products in the market, and detergency performance fine, so results of Jiangsu Province consumer association is wrong, its published "no compliance results without legal basis". Has solemnly written instructions to the consumer associations in Jiangsu Province, requires correct false error messages, eliminate negative effects.

     Procter and Gamble Company yesterday, China responded that this was mentioned for the tide and Persil products by Guangzhou City quality supervision and inspection Institute and national cleaning products quality supervision and inspection center detection, in line with national standards, including the third JB-03, consumers can rest assured that use.

     Guangzhou quality monitoring: closely watched survey and start the program

     Guangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision said that quality supervision departments have recently been informed that blue wave and tide two washing powder was seized about pollution standards, but sampling results from Jiangsu Province, published by the Consumer Council, as to whether the standard needs to be further confirmed. At present, quality supervision departments are paying close attention to this matter, and has launched an investigation into the program, and other related products testing results recently came out, and then take action.

     Guangzhou City Administration of the Consumer Protection Department official yesterday said the matter is not known. The official admits that Persil, tide detergent check out contains harmful substances, actions are taken off the shelves immediately. But if decontamination ability of washing powder is not only standards, still needs further study.

     Guangzhou Mart, CRV and PARKnSHOP and many supermarkets, these detergents are still being sold, and sales staff did not know about the substandard.