Public articles can only wash and disinfection

Recently, canglang district health authority on the area of the hotel the Inn of graded assessment examination. Examination revealed that the worrying health situation in some hotels and hostels. &Nbsp;

     a chain of hotels in the South loop, and cleaning the shop personnel, hotel flat brush to scrub the counter, long handled brush to scrub the toilet, two brushes placed in the four boxes in two different locations, promise not to touch each other. Blue towels used to wipe the basin, the rub of the green on the toilet half of red to clean the bottom of the toilet, yellow to clean your bathroom walls and floors, white is used to clean stainless steel appliances, mirrors and bed. Canglang district health supervisors still found a lot of problems in check: disinfection rooms piled debris; linen room open, mixed private clothing; use of cleaner disinfectant it is cleaner, no disinfection efficacy. According to the problems found, inspectors asked Hotel immediate rectification.

     Hotel Hotel facilities, while the light management, training for grass-roots workers fail, failed to strictly follow all cleaning and disinfection procedures for disinfecting public supplies, heavy cleaning, disinfection of the light appeared. In this examination, canglang district hotel Hotel tea testing passing rate closer to 100%. Face towel, bath towel, bedclothes and other public qualification rate of products is close to 80%. Shower room floor, basin, toilet and other parts that due to ignorance of disinfection, coliforms, bacteria and other indicators were exceeded, pass rate was only about 50%, shower room floor rate even lower than 20%.

     for the above, canglang district health authority will enhance hotel hotel owner and management training, improving their levels of health management, further improve the overall health situation of hotel Hotel.

     jargon translation


     quilts, sheets, towels and other cotton products known as "linen". Linen usually refers to hairdressing industry, hotel industry, massage foot massage industry, Kara OK song and dance halls, swimming pools, clean, stored bedding, towels, bath towels and other rooms.