Sand weather road to keep the car clean

Spring is coming up, due to the large spring sandstorms, the car often is just over, and will soon be dirty, so some friends for fear of trouble less cleaning and maintenance of the body. In fact, a new car or a used car, only keeping a clean body, can we extend the service life of the vehicle, but care must be taken when cleaning method cleaning vehicles. &Nbsp;

     first often carry some small sand particles, clean body surfaces, do not use brushes, rough piece of cloth or cotton to avoid damaging the painted surface.

     another note in the hot sun or hood or hot wash not wash vehicles. When cleaning, using hoses to disperse water jet, was rushed hard mud invasion, and then use a soft, clean sponge scrubbing from top and bottom. Scrub, sponge in clean water should always be washed to avoid scuff marks on the painted surface. Finally with a Suede brush to trace of water.

     door glass and windshields page medicinal scrubbing cleaning agents, scrubbing at the windshield, in order to remove small grains in the brush, pull the brush forward kai, with a wet towel will clean brush.

     in the dust bowl and great seasons, often deposited a layer of dust in the cars, car accessories are mostly plastic or leather materials, cleaning, make sure to use a special cleaner and a clean, soft cloth, not mixed, wipe with clear water, which over time will make the leather cracked, plastic parts age.