Scope of services

1,   properties such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, residential cleaning;

2,   quality of new flats before and the owners into the wasteland before cleaning;

3,   marble, granite, small stone mill renovation, Crystal face care;

4,   the outer wall clean.

5,   glass-wall cleaning.

6,   light box, house cleaning.

7,   large range hood cleaning.

8,   all types of floors, walls, wax.

9,   large Crystal lamps and other lamps clean.

10, carpet cleaning, disinfection, sterilization.

11, stainless steel, aluminium surface treatment, conservation.

12, leather sofa cleaning wax, polishes, fabric sofa cleaning.

13, Interior, exterior paint, Interior refurbishment.

14, waterproof and leakage.

15, household cleaning, maid service.