Cleaning juicer tips

This days of rainy weather, temperatures has reduced, this let we was is comfortable, but carefully of you will note to, actually some cold juice also is and best selling, if you to friends home to guest, estimated you of evil friends is with fresh squeezed of fruits and vegetables juice hospitality, small series had said, squeezed juice machine of using Shi compared simple of, but cleaning up, will has must of trouble, especially multifunctional of machine, cleaning Shang more to note, today small series on make everyone several enrollment, let everyone without again worry it of cleaning. &Nbsp;

    1. using multifunctional of squeezed juice machine, that it certainly will has mince of function, mince zhihou is compared difficult cleaning of, knife head at often will has broken minced meat, cleanup up on need some skills has, first in mixing meat of when, to more put some oil, such will reduce it of viscous, mixing finished Hou, with left of dry bread slag, in for mixing, on can will attached in head Shang of residue directly to except.

    2. after dry grind aniseed pepper, fine powder accumulates cutter head will look very uncomfortable, cleaned there will be some difficulty, when combined with detergents for cleaning, then wipe with a dry cloth, best used boiling water to scald, called powder dissolves in cutter gap, cleaning is very clean.

    3. fruit in the contains large of fiber, especially mango and tomatoes, fruit, often fresh squeezed juice of people may will note to, knife head will hard cleanup, because in knife head at jam many of pulp, this cleaning will carefully has, will knife head at jam of fiber article can by its around of direction slowly of taking, don't too forced, other of available wire ball for scrub, but don't too forced, so as not to broke knife head.

    4. make final recommendations, after you are each time you use the juicer should be boiled to avoid bacteria, affect the health of their families and the next.