Cleaning soft furnishings


     General cloth curtains available wet cloth scrub, but easy shrink of fabric should as dry cleaning; canvas or MA business of curtains best with sponge dipped some warm water or SOAP liquid wipe, stay dry Hou rolled up can; velvet fabric in cleaning Shi should first put curtains soaking in neutral clean liquid in the, with hand pressure, and wash NET Hou put in shelf Shang, makes water automatically drops dry, such will makes curtains clean as new; electrostatic plant flannel made of curtains (shading fabric) Not too easily, without regular cleaning If cleaning should not be soaking in the water rubs washes or cleaning, simply use the cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline has to gently wipe, not twisting avoid fluff off, affect the appearance.

     cleaning of fins, Veil, lace, Lace Curtains should be water-soaked, then join the soda wash and wash with detergent and water or SOAP and water. Screens do not use the machine to wash, especially thin like glass yarn yarn directly with warm water and detergent solution, or soapy water twice on the line.

     shutter or soft finished curtain, opened the cloth dipped in warm water-soluble detergent or ammonia solution. Some useful glue adhesive, be careful not to water, higher value finished curtains waterproof, you don't need to worry about this. Roller curtain cleaning, first under roller curtains were dirty, paving, wipe with a cloth, and since the middle of the roller usually is empty, may use a long stick, one end and down into it kept turning, you can remove the dust.


     bedding cleaning frequency can be determined in accordance with personal hygiene. Prior to initial use, the first water rinse may be pulp quality, and on the surface of the floating color washed off, such use may be more flexible, future cleaning will not easily fade.

     cotton real cannot using containing bleach components of detergent, General soaking time not over half hours, water temperature not over 30 ℃; silk, and silk, and soybean fiber cannot using containing biological enzyme of detergent, recommends with silk hair detergent, wash Shi add vinegar can increased gloss; wool, and cashmere to note avoid long time soaking, cannot using containing biological enzyme of detergent, other detergent also to caution using; silk, and bamboo fiber, and Chemical fiber cannot be soaked in hot water, washing machine not drying silk, bamboo fiber, cashmere fabric surfaces avoid ironing; washing cannot scrub, flax products twist.

     cotton, and Ma products collection Shi folding neatly, and into a quantitative of moth balls, in dark, and humidity low, and ventilation good of place store; wool was, and down was needed drying Hou stay quilt put cool Hou again folding, store Shi into anti-insect agent, placed dry at, not weight, can dry cleaning; silk was using Shi, as damp not Sun, should airing reset in cool at dried, dried Hou again folding, store Shi into anti-insect agent, placed dry at White silk products are not moth balls or in camphor wooden box, otherwise they will be yellow.


     vacuum at least once a week, pay attention to remove dust between the corners of fabric.

     If the cushion can flip swap should be flipped once a week, wearing the uniform distribution. Can also often get outdoor Pat a mat, loose fibers, maintaining elasticity of the sofa.

     stained with dirt, wipe clean cloth dipped in water, so as not to leave an imprint, it is best to stain peripheral. Velvet furniture is not wet, dry cleaning agents should be used. On the sofa with a clean wet cloth, iron and smoothed on it at a lower temperature, so that you can make into film evaporation of moisture and dirt, and when you use this method, use the rag is not too thin, the iron temperature is not too high.

     all cloth cover and liner should be dry cleaned, do not wash, prohibition of bleach.

     If found loose threads, don't break with your hands, use scissors to cut neatly Ping.

     sofa or carpet can be used special cleaner with a clean white cloth dipped in small amounts, dirty clean it repeatedly until remove stains, do not use a lot of water washing to avoid water entering into sofa layer, causing deformation, sofa sofa frame with damp, shrink, affect the overall appearance of sofa. If any large stains should be professional fabric sofa cleaning team at your service. High-grade fabric sofa, under normal circumstances, should be cleaned once every 10 months, to keep the fabric sofa clean.