Clear the car odor-causing contaminants four tips

Odor control of vehicle Note:  

    1, "" original production "plastic protective film to tear       many owners think that plastic films keep new vehicles to keep the car longer, but also protect the seats and other interior. These plastic protective film before the sale of new cars can indeed protect car parts, but once purchased and began to use a new car, you should tear in time, so as not to affect the car seat, part timely discharge of harmful gases. Otherwise been plastic film "with his" new car gas emissions affect odor inside the car to stay much longer.

&Nbsp;   2, car and don't rush to add Interior       If you select these items without notice to check quality, will add to the smell in the car. Especially some poor plastic feet, not just failed to waterproof, decorative features in the car, but parts odour is more than the car itself. Referring to new car owners don't have to rush to add Interior, after the new car smell fades gradually, you can pick up some high quality interior dress up your car.

    3 boutique need regular cleaning, installing      for sale on the market of steering wheel cover, cushion, seat cover, such as automotive products, there are many pure plastic product, the prevalence of smell. If installed, regular cleaning is necessary, otherwise it will induce the accumulation of bacteria.  

    4, don't use air fresheners, perfumes and other obscure car smell

     If you use perfumes, air fresheners to get rid of new car smell, then not only did not let vehicle of harmful gas emissions, would inhale more unnecessary chemical scent. Fragrances and air fresheners only produce a stronger taste masking effects of the new car smell, there is no help for elimination of new car smell, run counter to this is not recommended, method of odor.

     according to the statistics, the domestic 46% of the different degrees of pollution. Automobile car index of organic compounds when standards are exceeded will greatly damage the health of drivers. In-car air pollution has attracted the attention of more and more car owners, in short, to clean hands can have a comfortable indoor environment.