Fabric sofa cleaning

Fabric sofa in recent years more and more popular, people like their beautiful design and comfortable feeling to sit. But how to clean fabric sofa, many people will shake their heads. Fabric sofa without food, will not only become dirty, are easily damaged. Here some tips for cleaning fabric sofa. &Nbsp;

     first, should for the Bouchat sent regularly sucking dust, if can weekly for once best, sofa of handrails, and back and gap also must account, certainly also available towel wipe, but in with sucking dust device Shi, don't with sucking brush, case damage textile cloth Shang of weaving line and makes cloth became fluffy, more to avoid to King suction to sucking, move may led to weaving line was pulled broken, may wish to consider with small of vacuum cleaner to clean.

     Secondly, use detergent to clean the sofa once a year, but thoroughly cleaning up afterwards, or more easily infected with dirt. The choice of cleaning agents, optional specialized cleaning agents containing antifouling agent. Some silicone spray dust-proof effect, spray once a month.

     sheath of fabric sofa usually can be cleaned. Elastic sleeve may wish to washing at home, larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry done. Screed jacket should pay attention to some flexible jacket is easy when dry ironing, even to iron you should consider the appearance of the iron inside of the sheath is more appropriate. If the sheath is made of cotton, it would be inappropriate ironing.