Maintenance and cleaning of jade

1. Avoid colliding with hard objects. Jade is easy to crack after a collision, sometimes invisible crack in fact jade dark cracks in the surface, which greatly damages the perfect and economical value.  

2. Jade is to avoid sun exposure. Prevent affects the texture and color of jade.

3. Avoid chemicals, jade will bring a certain degree of damage to the chemical agent, such as all kinds of detergents, soaps, insecticides, cosmetics, fragrance, hair, such as. If you accidentally stained, should be erased after cleaning, don't let it cause damage to jade.

4. Avoid dust and grease. If there is dirt or grease attached to jade, and should be a light SOAP and water wash, rinse again with clean water, avoid the use of chemical oil remover.

5. New jade should be soaked in water for several hours, using a soft brush (toothbrush) to clean, then wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth to wear.

6. Wear the best with a clean, soft cloth wipe, should not use hard cloth dyeing cloth, fiber, which helps maintain and keep the original quality.

7. Periodic cleaning. Jade will do the cleaning once in a while.

8. Pendant suspension accessories, you should always check the tethers, beloved treasures from loss or injury.