Pet groomer: clean styling dress up pets

These days, with people's growing spiritual and cultural life, pet has entered the homes of ordinary people. Pets should not only raise, dress up, pet beautician profession was born. Tian Mingzhen, 48 years old, is a beautician, played odd jobs done business her favourite is dealing with pets. She said dress up pets, happy mood, a sense of happiness. &Nbsp;

     Tian Mingzhen said, although she carried only three years, but keeping a pet will have ten or twenty years of history, and so, faced with the pets she has a method. She said pet groomer, in addition to technology, inspiration, but the most important thing is to have "five": love, care, patience, faith, responsibility, not one less. Meet naughty "customers", with the patience and courage to face, softly, comforting, gentle encouragement, firmly, and slowly turned it into submission.

     said Tian Mingzhen, a complete set of pet grooming programs, from clean to shape, often spend three or four hours, just bath time is very long. Pet a very leisurely pace throughout the process, but the beautician was bothered. We must take care of a pet on the emotions, is going to want to give them a suitable shape. Said Tian Mingzhen, tired, but because they like, so they are willing to do.

     "each pet has its own features, I will be in accordance with the requirements of their owners, according to their personality to create different looks. They enjoy it, and I'm happy! "A few moments later, a" cute "Bichon dog in the hands of Tian Mingzhen was born. "Toot's so cute! "Listen to the dog owner sincerely praise, Tian Mingzhen smiled a special sense of accomplishment.