Regular vacuum cleaner to prevent air pollution

Recently, the streets are transformed into a large construction site in Guangzhou, dusty. Encountered rain, the ground is muddy potholes. That bother many owners of steep added many--just wash the car, quickly "dusty", tyres and chassis is covered with mud. Even sitting in the car, shut the window, feel the air dirty. How to dust, keep the car clean inside and outside become the topic of owners. This week, we provide owners with some of the aspects of health and safety "tips". &Nbsp;

     the best use of air conditioning inside and outside loop

     We are using extracorporeal circulation under normal conditions, that is, from outside air intake, to increase fresh air inside the car, but when the outside air is bad, especially after the dust all over the site, be sure to convert air conditioning inside and outside loop, or accidentally dust sucking outdoor in the car under the loop, will affect owners of their own health.

     many owners while driving, turn on the air conditioning is no longer ignored, and cycle for a long time. Master prompted the owner of the workshop, although air conditioning the circulation temperature drop faster, but the use of long cycle time in the in-car air quality will be bad, especially the people in the car for a long time. In daily use, after the car down, right through the outer loop in some fresh air, which helps to balance in-car air quality.

     cleaning air duct and air filter

     after too much dust, if the recent spate of bad roads, then see your vehicles air conditioning radiator and has accumulated a lot of dust in the pipeline, if not cleared up, is an injury to human health. Master maintenance reminder to wash air conditioning pipes and air cleaner. DIY cleaning methods is that the filter air filter following the split, take the form of racket, Shan remove the dust inside it, or use a hair dryer to blow the dirt off, if filter is too dirty, then replace. Cleaning air conditioning ducts of dust in air conditioning air intake directly into the special washing agent, then turn on the air conditioning cycling, you can remove dust inside the tubes.

     car vacuum cleaning on a regular basis

     attention to your car's dashboard, carpet, and other places, and has accumulated a lot of dust? If cars were more frequent and often through the dusty construction site, then regularly do for your car interior cleaning is necessary.

     on the market, you can purchase special vacuum cleaners, suction surface and deep dust accumulated in the car accessories. After cleaning, carefully with a special cleaning liquid is sprayed on the car roof, carpeting, plush chairs, and other places, then wipe clean carefully with a brush. Dashboard and Board table, and places such as the doors, Windows and glass, then wipe clean with a towel.

     should not be a paint wax

     many owners thought that car was dirty, then finish in a car wash a layer of wax will better protect car paint, in fact, this may be counter-productive. Local 4S shop teacher told you that in the context of more rain and dust, waxing is not desirable, because after waxing, easier to capture dust, rain rain will effect wax effect.

     should not be parked outdoors

     higher in the poor air quality, dust, weather, try not to park your car in the open air. Especially if the sites are close, having just washed new cars only need a night time will be "unkempt".