The cleaning method of PH meter

Industrial line PH meter electrode while widely used in the fields of industry, due to the different media, the degree of contamination is not the same, so line PH meter-electrode cleaning methods used are also different. &Nbsp and

     now use the electrodes of a PH meter with glass electrode measuring electrode, calomel electrode as reference electrode.

     when the PH meter test medium, contaminants would be attached to the glass electrode, will affect the glass electrode potential, thus affecting PH meter showing the value, sensitivity and accuracy, even failure. So for PH meter in actual use in the anti-pollution and cleaning methods have been studied.

    PH method of common cleaning mechanical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, water jet cleaning, spray cleaning and compound cleaning chemical solution. The simple easy cleaning is artificially manual cleaning, hand washing has a lot of drawbacks, such as remove electrode problem, easy to damage the electrode, measuring suspension. But using ultrasonic cleaning, there are some convenient place.

     ultrasonic cleaning is in PH electrode of below installation has ultrasonic cleaning head, by ultrasonic generator to cleaning head provides about 80kHz frequency of oscillation source, to makes cleaning head produced high frequency vibration, cleaning head of high frequency vibration passed to was measuring solution, in solution in the produced air gap, immediately quickly disappeared, air gap repeatedly produced and disappeared of empty of effect can makes electrode sensitive parts of scaling stripping or prevent pollutants stick attached.

     in city sewage and industrial wastewater on-line monitoring instruments used in the ultrasonic cleaner way better. Reports, use PH sensor with the ultrasonic cleaner functionality ensures long-term accuracy under operational conditions. Conventional ultrasonic cleaning machine is used oscillators to produce ultrasonic, the downside is when changing the load (transducer), the oscillation circuit must be redesigned and traditional ultrasound machines using a tube, it works in the linear region, rather than switching State, loss and the frequency is not high. Ultrasonic cleaning unit ultrasonic power supply used in power electronic devices, it works in off status, low loss and high frequency, up to GHz level, when different, the circuit can be tracked automatically load resonant frequency without redesign of the circuit, which operates up to 20kHz~1MHz of ultrasonic power with strong practicability.