Three methods of household disinfectant

(1) disinfection by boiling  

     ① will need to sterilized items should advance disinfection brushed clean after cooking.

     II disinfectant must be completely submerged in the water, all items from disinfectant began to end, are below the surface; a sterile items should not be more than 3/4 of container capacity; placed articles should pay attention to water convection, bowls, plates and other impervious materials stacked vertically, do not overlap with.

     ③ glass class items from cold water Shi put people; rubber class items water boiling Hou put people, so as not to rubber variable soft; sharp devices as knife, and cut,, application gauze package disinfection, so as not to collision injury sharp edged; plastic pipe, easy deformation of items, not weight, and discount; tube cavity class items should note full water, and about section of devices to open joint; disinfection cotton real Shi should from time to time mixing, ensure each parts heated uniform.

     II disinfectant timing begins with water after boiling, time is a 15min Lo, with the mountain areas due to low air pressure, prolonged boiling time for disinfection purposes.

     (2) microwave

     ① family some articles are not suitable for use in such methods, such as metal tableware and utensils.

     II frequency different of microwave, disinfection effect different: 2450MHz of microwave, items warming speed fast, sterilization capacity strong, disinfection time short, but it of penetrating force weaker, thus only applies Yu small or thickness is unlikely to of items; 915MHz frequency of microwave, items warming speed more slow, by needed disinfection time more long, but it penetrating capacity strong, thus can for large or more thick of items disinfection.

     ③ microwaves on the human body can cause damage to multiple systems, multiple organ dysfunction, and should beware of microwave leakage in microwave. After the cleaning agents to clean the microwave, cleaning agents should be cleaned to prevent residues near the door, otherwise it makes poor door seal, cause microwave leakage.

     black microwave oven when there is a smell, use a cup of water, add a spoonful of lemon juice, heated moments to eliminate.

     II empty carriage move damaged microwave oven, microwave the role must be through the water as the medium, dry goods, put a small amount of water, using heat to penetrate for disinfection purposes.

     (3) UV disinfection

     ① in the disinfecting sunlight, drying the best clothing to outdoor, solar disinfection, relies mainly on ultraviolet radiation, any glass block ultraviolet rays from the Sun can be outdoors, so sunlight through glass does not have disinfection function.

     II in using UV lamp disinfection Shi, should keep UV lamp surface of clean, weekly with 70% alcohol cotton block wipe 1 times, found lamp surface has dust, and oil Shi, should at any time wipe, keep lamp surface transparent; UV lamp on eyes has stimulus, not open lamp case caused conjunctivitis, shall not makes UV light directly irradiation to people, case skin produced Erythema; disinfection Qian to close doors and Windows, After disinfection in time to open Windows and doors for ventilation.

     ③ When disinfecting surfaces, UV penetration is low, attention should be turned according to articles, its surface can be direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.