Use and characteristics of metal cleaning agent

Traditional cleaning industry, the main use of gasoline and caustic soda. But gasoline is one of the nation's shortage of energy, cleaner implementations to agents instead of oil is imperative. From the perspective of using practical effects and general industrial cleaning agents Research Centre research and experiments in metal cleaning agent has the following advantages:  

     (1) cleaning method for washing machine can be used in large quantities, greatly improving the quality of cleaning and washing speed;

     (2), metal cleaning agent is not volatile, will not pollute the environment, and safe, without danger of fire;

     (3) metal cleaner after using, simply remove the float on the surface of the dirt, you can continue to use, its utilization rate substantially higher than gasoline. But seen from the cleaning effect, its cleaning efficiency for gas 95%~98% between surface dryness is also lower than gasoline to clean. However, General precision parts cleaning, metal cleaning agent can replace gasoline.

     metal cleaning agent for metal parts cleaning powder and liquid two kinds, generally need to add water to dilute or dissolve after use. Most cleaning agents at room temperature when used as proper heating (6012), can increase the cleaning effect. In the high-temperature cleaning agent, must be heated to 60 ℃ or above there will be a better cleaning effect, specific temperature requirements, please refer to the manufacturers of the product specifications. Repair unit, always wanted good cleaning procedures as simple as possible without heating but also to improve the cleaning effect. In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced new varieties of cleaning agents in order to meet market demand. From the practical effect, there are many manufacturers of products ' efficient cleaning at room temperature, but the effect is still unsatisfactory, and the price is higher, widely used there are still many problems. This is the cleaner one of the main problems to be solved in the future.

     said since metal cleaning agent such as the many benefits, why has not been widely used yet? the reason, there are the following;

     (1) the old cleaning process there is still a great deal of influence, coupled with information access, lack of awareness of new cleaning methods.

     (2) manufacturer a lot of metal cleaning agent, cleaning effect of its products also have made a big difference. When people use, easy on the lemon when, if they felt that buying metal cleaning fluid effect is poor, often mistaken for metal cleaning agent will not work, so as to prevent its use.