Way of cleaning water dispenser activated carbon filtering equipment

Water dispenser activated carbon filtering equipment what are the cleaning method? today, beautiful water fountains small series of cleaning water dispenser tips for you:  

    1. outer winding of wire, tube and network with high-pressure water washing, brushing, and soak it in chlorine bleach solution of m for an hour, remove and rinse again with clean.

    2. simple cleaning method for granular activated carbon granular activated carbon, rubbed with water a few times and then back.

    3. correct cleaning method of granular activated carbon, with diluted hydrochloric acid BREW after a four-hour, rinse clean oven 200 c dry for another three hours, removed and then rinse with water, in order to restore their activity. Felt carbon grains are perishable and, over a period of time to be replaced. Using pure water tank button directly above it--unless that pure water is not pure.