Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning 

Equipment: multi-purpose Shan caji (with needle disk, a floppy disk), vacuum cleaners equipped with steel-grilled, three-speed fan;

     pharmacy: high water soaks the rug, fast clean powder, partial decontamination reagent

     order: 1. use vacuum cleaner overall dust;

          2. local stains;

          3. diluted carpet cleaning agents, three lid equipped with a bucket of water into beating me;

          4. hand-brush brush carpet edges, corners and machines can't push to the margins;

          5. multi-purpose Shan caji comprehensive cleaning carpets, stain out of the carpet surface;

          6. comb the carpet in order to let the carpet fibers upright, have a good appearance, speed up the carpet drying;

          7. water cleaners

     Note: 1. lighter in color carpet large areas of operation before operation of the sample;

          2. carefully identify carpet material, using the appropriate acid alkaline or neutral detergent;

          3. be sure to water all the carpet was wet, to avoid dry transfer stain;