Chandelier lighting cleaning

Chandelier lighting cleaning 

Summary: professional cleaning crystal chandeliers, Ceiling lamps, candle lamps, and Europe, modern homes, villas, hotels and other high school down all kinds of lamps.   In the current Crystal lighting industry, refers to "Crystal light" the word consumer awareness will emerge a huge glittering crystal chandeliers. Indeed, the traditional crystal lamp has dominated the vast number of consumers on "Crystal light" favourite location.

     in many places, with many different shapes of luxury crystal chandeliers, their beautiful and stylish decorative effect considerably. But these lamps will also face such a situation, in use after a period of time, covered with dust, soot and other dirt, affecting overall viewing. Clean up is very difficult, and most users are removing immersion cleaning, cleaning heavy workload and efficiency is very low. Lethal must be reinstalled after cleaning, resulting in some parts is damaged and broken. Spend a lot of time and cleaning processes, affecting normal business. This cleaning method is not desirable. Some users to lighting stores lighting cleanser, but even an ordinary chandelier takes bottles of cleanser, quite expensive.

     cleaning services of our company, in order to solve this problem, through a series of tests, finally launched the cleaning lamps of the business. We use special lighting cleaner, with advanced fuel injection cleaning, do not have to remove the lamp, clean Crystal jewelry clean and bright, and restore the original luster, damage to metal parts not corrosive effect. It is important, the cleaning was relatively inexpensive.

     features: exempts chandelier cleaning dismounting chandelier cleaning, Crystal light cleaning, the living room chandelier cleaning, restaurant chandelier cleaning, high efficiency, good chandelier cleaning effect.

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