Factory cleaning

Factory cleaning 

Company specialized in building cleaners in plant cleaning has a wealth of experience in this area, to address various types of cleaning problems.

roof cleaning 1, smooth surface of the roof of the plant material, the use of materials, such as color plates, plastic plates, aluminum-plastic Board, we use strong adsorption of dust-free cloth to wipe the surface and use it together with tools such as telescopic rod, Tiger clip and handy. Uneven UF available, Yin Kok industrial vacuum cleaner dust vacuuming.

cleaning the wall 2, building wall materials, the use of surface materials, such as glass, color plate, plastic plate, aluminum sheet, plate, stainless steel plate, we use strong adsorption of dust-free cloth, wipe the surface clean of water, and with tools such as glass blowing, extension poles, Tiger clip and handy. Rugged, Yin Kok available ultra filtration industrial vacuum cleaner dust removal.

floor 3, ground materials the use of polyurethane coatings, epoxy, imitation leather, terrazzo, in order to effectively prevent dust the ground material and improve the service life of the ground material, we use static accumulation of wax and waxing. Super wax surface dust filter the industrial vacuum cleaner dust or wash and dry cleaning. For all kinds of soft ground for disinfection and cleaning, complete removal of oil, wax on its surface, rust stains, concrete stains and other dirt residue after decoration, muddy ground quickly becomes smooth and bright.

4 cleaning of equipment, facilities and equipment: we use dust filter the industrial vacuum cleaner vacuum or wipe with a clean cloth. Cleaning the edges 5, outlet, gap, valves, lamps, doors, tube hole with ultra-filtration industrial cleaning machines vacuum or wipe with a clean cloth. Cleaning factory cleaning task uses has a very high demand for cleaner: clean room is strict with humidity, avoid wet washing available mild detergent, if necessary, to minimize the use of acid or alkaline detergents. Cleaner to eliminate static electricity more live. Note: the plant is in the process of cleaning with special attention to avoid dust, dust-proof work.