Ground care

Ground care 

Floor wax

floor wax causes: 1, protection of stone and floor 2, increase the appearance 3, slip 4, easy to clean:

surface analysis:  

1 granite, marble, terrazzo, hard ground (wax-wax and facial at the end of each two times better) mirror tiles, porcelain tiles, glazed (wax well, is easy to fall off)

2, soft ground rubber flooring, PVC material series 3, the floor wood flooring solid wood flooring, laminate flooring.

Note: the soft surface texture, wood flooring such as waxing treatment required, it is best to use clean high gloss wax without polishing.

Tools: cleaning machines, water machines, high speed polishing machine, drying machine, wax, squeeze the water tanker kits, towels, or Tiger, signs and rags.

pharmacy: high speed polishing waxes, floor waxes, parabolic-free wax, floor cleaner (acid detergent, Almighty water) water, mild detergent or wax.  


1, clean up the debris on the ground, and the erection of signs;

2, with a neutral cleaning agent to clean the ground.

3, in a clean, dry surface luodi waxes twice, dry;

4, the end of the wax after drying, twice falling onto its surface wax, dried;

5, after the wax surface dry thoroughly, with high speed polishing pad for even, uniform polishing machine.

6, waxing and polishing floors, bright and clean, natural mirror is above 90%, sensory effect is very high.

Note: 1, the operation must be strictly in accordance with the procedure: criss-cross, cross, as thin as possible, and more even better.

2, wax works best between 5-40 degrees.

3, free clean high gloss wax wax, high speed polishing wax, repair, are not within a 24-hour play four more times, wax and facial at the end of the wax must be used in conjunction, you cannot achieve good results.  

surface cleaning

cleaning specifications and operations on the ground: soft-hard surface (marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, mosaic, wood flooring), such as disinfecting cleaning, remove all stains from the ground, then vinegar polished professional handling, foul ground quickly restored bright and clean.  

Tools and materials: washing machine, nylon brush, suction machine, a MOP, a bucket.  

Agent: weak or neutral detergent.

How to: 1 dilution of cleaning fluid into the washing machine, the boot operation, from the back,  walking in a straight line, so as to avoid missing.

Start absorbing water machine at 2, scrub, scrub side suction sewage, where the washing machine doesn't wash to wring MOP Foaming Cleanser available scrub.  

3, wash again with detergent dry ground after sewage, according to the same with water to wash it again, sucking up water to complete.

4, note: clean the ground the prohibition of the use of acid detergent and powdered detergents, otherwise it will damage stone surfaces and corrosion, avoid friction of rough ground, so as to avoid a permanent stone surface scratches. 5, standard: clean and bright, no stains, no marking.

solid wood floor renovates

    solid wood floor all appear after several years of use paint, paint, deformation, uplift, which greatly affects the overall appearance of decorative effect, and if not renovated after the paint, signs and traces of oil into the water will be unable to restore the original state. Replaced the expensive wooden floor will not only cost a fortune, and time-consuming, the use of the service, spent only reload fee 10%-20% can make your floors look. Wood flooring can also be refurbished several times, does not affect the appearance. Plagued for a long time the old floor of the user of this technique is your balanced Qi Mei choice.

a. Wood flooring renovation and construction program

1.   Use large number of refurbished machinery grinding to remove paint, surface layer, Woody layer about 0.5 mm, and then by carefully sanding to smooth the delicate floor surfaces, reaches a new State. Floor edge small angle grinder for grinding to achieve the overall smoothing effect.

2.   The original seam transparent PuTTY remove and reseal joints.

3.   Primer to dry, brush the first paint, to be dry.

4.   Water sandpaper finely powdered, slightly rough surface grinding to remove fines, paint brush the second level.

5.   Last time after the paint dry on the floor wax.

II. Below, I cannot achieve new results

1. Drying, after immersion in the floor leads to mildew discoloration (remedy: parts replacement).

2. Humidity uplift (remedy: you can remove leveling the floor of a refurbished).

3. Serious damage to the floor. (Remedy: parts replacement).