Leather sofa cleaning

Leather sofa cleaning 

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more families to buy leather sofa top grade, white, white and other light colored leather sofa by an increasing number of families of favor. How to clean leather care?

     first: buy home leather sofa, first with a special "leather care wax" a layer of protective film on the sofa to avoid dirt, perspiration into the pores of the sofa, it is difficult to clean in the future.

     II: monthly "special maintenance wax" sofa cleaning and maintenance once during the summer, because people sweat more, and perhaps maintenance of number increase. Must not dirty the sofa again after cleaning, it is very difficult to clean as it is.

     III: many cleansers on the cortex is hurt, when clean is hard to see, time is the problem, real leather sofa, leather is rare, as well as human skin, needs to take the time to maintain, only nice, your leather sofa like new for a long time, for your enjoyment of life.


     (1) do not use water to clean leather sofas, long time will cause leather to become hard, losing soft feel;

     (2) do not use detergent to clean sofas, one is making skin color; the second is to harden the cortex; once the sofa is dirty, always ask a professional cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.   

     (3)   must not be brushed leather sofa with a brush, hair brush with bristles combined with bubble gently, followed by Korea non-woven wiping repeatedly until clean.

     (4) after each cleaning, be sure to spray solution.