Range hood cleaning clean

Range hood cleaning clean 

1.  range hoods category: Chinese-style range hood, side suction hood, European-style range hood.

     a Chinese cigarette machine is divided into old shallow-deep hood, especially shallow-suction cover objects. Is the common exhaust fans, are fume exhaust directly to outdoors. Deep suction machine's biggest problem is space, noise, easy to meet, drops of oil fume extraction is not clean, short life, not convenient for cleaning and environmental pollution.

     second side suction cleaning device. Designed using aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, first plates separated by soot on the surface of exhaust fume separation principle of clean air. It features good Grill Grill effect in 99%. Drops of oil does not meet hiding in the cupboard and Cabinet integration, does not occupy the space. Motor oil viscosity and long service life, easy cleaning. Power at 160 watts. Range hood without breathing zone ensure the health of housewives. Discharge clean air does not pollute the environment.

     three are European-style hood with multi-layered oil filter {5-7}, increase motor power in order to achieve the best results usually are more than 300 Watts of power. Features: beautiful, expensive electricity. Oil screen cleaning is not convenient, easy to meet, a drop of oil.

    2.  range hood cleaning what to watch for:

     ★ not use steel wool or scouring pad to wipe the grease

     all of the body of the hood were paint-coated or brushed stainless steel surface, wipe the lead paint or if you apply scratch lines. Must be clean by professional cleaning cloth, and products.

     met ★

     all Chinese-style range hood corners are sharp, clean without attention constantly bruised head.

     ★ do not use caustic soda

     too alkaline caustic soda solution and also allows removal of oil paint by electrolytic corrosion on the surface of the fuselage, and if you accidentally caused by caustic soda to touch on human skin will cause serious corrosion of disfigured, so not recommended for customers using caustic soda cleaning the range hood.