The stone material renovates

The stone material renovates 

the stone material renovates processing: marble renovate planes, the terrazzo, the granite polishing     renovation;

services: marble, terrazzo, granite and other stone material waxes, polishes, renovating, repairing, waterproofing  , crystallization treatment, disease treatment, cutting the entire flat.

1, waxing, polishing and  

    stone is a natural, eco-friendly decoration material, its color bright, luxurious style, so its maintenance is very important. Waxing are some of sealing surface with the naked eye can't see the small hole, prevent contamination from dust and dirt infiltration, thus prolonging the service life.

(1) cleaning the ground   multi-function washing machine, coordination vacuums absorbing water machine cleaning and wash the clean tool and the medicament Ishimizu.  

(2) waxing   used to nurse the wax professional waxing machine coordination senior stone for stone material waxes processing.  

(3) polishing   polishing using a high speed polishing machine, in order to achieve smooth, shiny effect.

2, the stone material pathological change processing  

    stone major diseases for grease stains, water stains, coffee stains and colored dirt permeating stone material that produces lesions, lesion treatment on them, using professional, import medicament removes the dirt, allowing stone to restore the true colors.  

3, the stone material renovates  

     will produce pollution or lesions such as rough stone of stone surfaces, deep scratches, deep blemishes and other use import stone material renovating machine coordination multi sets of millstones, grinding, from coarse to fine, do lots of grinding, polishing, stone based on the original restored its original appearance.

4, Crystal-hardened  

    stone in using several years Hou, surface will aging, serious effect beautiful, Crystal surface hardening processing is after powder mill agent grinding, makes chemical Pharmacy and stone in the of calcium components occurred chemical reactions, in stone surface formed a layer new of Crystal of material, prevent stains into stone within layer, enhanced anti-mill sex, makes stone refraction out natural of gloss, to reached must of hardness and brightness.

  5, waterproofing, protection;

    customer to avoid marble future again appeared water stains, and pan rust, and suffered other pollution, is meaning we of programme, on grinding Hou ground imposed protection, we draw has original protection color of lessons, selection several better of waterproof agent, take also of stone do has experiment, while check protection effect, on the check whether change stone color, and according to sucking water rate determine process dosage. After you make these preparations, we a large area of ground protection processing.

6, crystal processing  

    after passing through the above process, Crystal can be processed, we use is Spain Crystal hardening agent, and agent according to the use instructions, General   equipment pressure, low speed grinding, the agent produces heating reaction, causes the ground to form skid hard mirror surface.

leveling   7, cutting;

     for rough stone has just been finished, cut cracks, we will use many polished, strong bonding of Germany filled stone cracked Crystal face processing, so that the overall smooth surface without cracks.  

8, old wood floors renovated  

(1) use large number of refurbished machinery grinding to remove paint layers,   surface, wood layer about 0.5 mm, and then by carefully sanding to smooth the delicate floor surfaces, reaches a new State. Floor edge small angle grinder for grinding to achieve the overall smoothing effect.  

(2) the original seam removed transparent PuTTY, sealing again, then the entire surface primer on the floor, to be dry.  

(3) the primer to dry, brush the first paint, to be dry.  

(4) water sandpaper finely powdered, slightly rough surface grinding to remove powder.  

(5) according to the above procedure three to four paint brushes, last time without grinding.  

(6) for the last time after the paint dry on the floor wax.

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