Wallpaper, wall cleaning

Wallpaper, wall cleaning 

Wallpaper, wall always elegant, luxurious, modern style feel. Wallpaper, wall texture, pattern, color and reflects the user's cultural heritage, aesthetic level and enjoy the taste. But the wallpaper was stained by pollution, wall covering, as if his clothes dirty, people very frustrated how gorgeous wallpaper, wall fabric cleaning and maintenance clean and fresh for a long time? This requires us to have a good quality of special cleaning agent, advanced and efficient cleaning machines and equipment, professional and experienced workers and a long lasting, achievable programme of cleaning and maintenance. We not only have the basic necessities, also has a lot to deal with a variety of special stain dirt the technology and know-how, I believe we can wish you a helping hand.  

wallpaper and wall cleaning operation specification:  

wallpaper and wall cleaning steam cleaning machine, vacuums absorbing water machine multi-functional, disinfection, decontamination with special chemicals on wallpaper, wall covering kill mites steam sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, vacuums absorbing water machine, drying, and finally sprayed antifouling agent used to make paper wall covering surface waterproofing membrane, to waterproof and dustproof effect.  

Tools and materials:  

water washes (suitable for wallpaper, wall covering)  

used equipment: steam cleaning machines, sprayers, water-absorbing machine.  

Agent: decontamination agents.  

cleaning method:  

1,   with a vacuum cleaner complete dust collection  

2, diluted detergent can also be injection sprayer  

3, wallpaper, wall covering comprehensive spray cleaner on  

4, 10-15 minutes after the stain out of the fiber  

5, use the steam cleaner to clean, wash at least once after two  

6, cleaning wallpaper, wall covering at the same time, use water suction machine suction NET has washed out of wallpaper, wall  

7, wallpaper, wall dry completely, in order to speed up wallpaper, wall dry, can activate the wallpaper, wall cloth dryer